Trump’s Promises for America’s Healthcare

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Trump’s Promises for America’s Healthcare

As President Trump was sworn in this month, he brought with him promises for the future of America’s healthcare. As realistic as his outlook may seem to some, policy experts have noted his views as more complicated.

Trump has not said specific details about exactly what his vision for an Affordable Care Act replacement would entail, but he has said it would be “something terrific.” Although Trump has not been completely clear on what he expects out of his ACA replacement plan, he aims to “come up with a new plan that’s going to be better healthcare for more people at a lesser cost.”

Trump’s plan to provide less costly for more Americans would come at a trade-off, meaning that there would be a loss of certain provisions, which includes spending caps, no discrimination against people with pre-existing medical conditions, and allowing people under the age 0f 26 stay on their parent’s health insurance.

Trump has said that he would consider waiting to implement a replacement plan for two years. Yet he does not want the delay to be extended, as it would hurt the American people.

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