Texas Judge’s Ruling on ACA Impedes Medicaid Expansion Plans

///Texas Judge’s Ruling on ACA Impedes Medicaid Expansion Plans

Texas Judge’s Ruling on ACA Impedes Medicaid Expansion Plans

On Friday, a federal judge from Texas had ruled that the Affordable Care Act, ACA, is unconstitutional, and has in turn caused some difficulties in Medicaid expansion. The federal judge, U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor’s ruling would most likely impact funding for Medicaid expansion, which provides healthcare support for adults with lower incomes. Judge O’Connor’s decision will also get rid of federal authorization.

The impact of the ruling will burden states with the task of providing coverage for low-income adults who do not qualify to participate in the ACA. If the burden did not fall to the states, the federal government will have to cover 90% of this cost.

Those who are pushing to have their states move towards Medicaid expansion are concerned that those who oppose expansion would use Judge O’Connor’s decision as motivation to not expand Medicaid. The ruling could even have those states who have already expanded Medicaid to reevaluate their decision.

The ACA has been a target for repeal, but ACA supporters are sure that Congress will protect the ACA Medicaid expansion due to the ACA’s popularity and the fact that it covers about 13 million Americans.


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