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CHMB 360+  Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Services brings to your organization a superior financial and administrative management solution which applies an integrated revenue cycle and best-practice workflows for optimal revenue results.  CHMB clients average a 9-12% increase in collections with this proven approach.

With coding, billing and compliance rules growing more complex each quarter, physician practices turn to CHMB to stay ahead of regulations, policies, issues and technology.

Our RCM expertise is well established: We serve more than 4,000 physicians nationally in over 350 practices encompassing 40 medical specialties – processing 4.2 million claims that represent $2 billion in charges and $260 million payments annually. This level of performance earned CHMB inclusion as an HBMA Top 20 Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management companies.

360+ RCM Service Process


By combining highly trained and professional staff with advanced RCM technologies, CHMB delivers value and results:

  • Increased revenue and accelerated cash flow due to fewer denials and claim resubmissions, improved collections, faster payments, and fewer days in A/R.
  • Enhanced efficiency achieved through streamlined administrative processes, improved utilization of staff resources and automated workflow tasking, customized to each practice’s preferences.
  • Greater return on investment thanks to reductions in bad debt and administrative costs, which makes capital available to fund practice initiatives and prepare for future needs.
  • Improved compliance – and corresponding risk mitigation – with changes in coding, regulations and payer guidelines.
  • Empowered clinical management with services that enable the practice to focus on patient care.
  • Superior clinical and business intelligence driven by real-time, comprehensive productivity and financial reporting that support evaluate performance assessment.