Resolution to Repeal ACA Passes Senate

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Resolution to Repeal ACA Passes Senate

A recent budget resolution bill that outlined the plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed through the Senate with a close win at 51-48 votes. Democrats have been against the repeal of the ACA, with critics saying that the impose plan will lead to higher costs via deductibles and co-pays and would not keep in alignment with inflation.

President elect Trump has issued a promise in a news conference that his administration will release the replacement plan soon. An option offered by Tom Price, Trumps HHS Secretary nominee, dubbed the Empowering Patients First Act, will involve tax credits that are adjusted by age to assist people in buying health insurance. The proposed act also pushes the use on health savings accounts.

The Republican’s plan to repeal the ACA by the end of February. Other Republicans do not see this deadline as feasible and expect the plan to take more time. Not all Republicans are in favor of the replacement plan; moderate House Republican Rep. Tom MacArthur states that the budget plan does not include enough information and details.

The resolution bill is planned to be passed onto the House this Friday.

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