Pulmonary Specialists Group Gets a Breath of Fresh Air with CHMB’s LYNK Revenue Cycle Management Services

//Pulmonary Specialists Group Gets a Breath of Fresh Air with CHMB’s LYNK Revenue Cycle Management Services

Pulmonary Specialists Group Gets a Breath of Fresh Air with CHMB’s LYNK Revenue Cycle Management Services

Southwest Pulmonary Associates Partners with CHMB for Revenue Cycle


San Diego, Calif., June 3, 2016 – CHMB, a leading provider of revenue cycle management services, has announced today that Southwest Pulmonary Associates, an established and prominent pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine specialist group located in Dallas, Texas, has signed a partnership agreement for end-to-end revenue cycle management services.

Southwest Pulmonary Associates proudly serves the communities of Dallas, Plano, Grapevine and Irving, Texas with advanced pulmonary and critical care services. The practice’s team of 39 provider specialists manage and oversee the Intensive Care Units at Baylor Medical Centers and Texas Health Presbyterian Hospitals in the area.

With over 30 years of experience, Southwest Pulmonary Associates has grown immensely since its formation.  Managing revenue cycle and the practice’s sustained growth was becoming increasingly complex and time consuming.  In an effort to expand billing operations and secure a steady increase in collections, Southwest Pulmonary Associate’s Practice Administrator, Katherine Johnston, was tasked with finding an outsourced billing company to help. 

After hearing about CHMB’s successes with other Allscripts clients, Johnston evaluated CHMB for revenue cycle management services.  CHMB stood out for their RCM expertise, handling larger groups and consistently improving collections. CHMB’s CURVE Analytics was of special interest to Johnston, due to its abilities to connect into their billing system and provide actionable data and insights from CHMB’s executive team.

CHMB will provide full revenue cycle management services to increase collections, decrease days in AR and work to clean up the existing AR. With deep domain expertise on Allscripts systems, CHMB will also work with Southwest Pulmonary Associates to optimize their use of the system including, enhancing RCM-related workflows. “We are excited to partner with CHMB and drill down on our revenue cycle to fix the root causes of our RCM problems and help us increase our cash flow,” said Johnston. “We are looking forward to partnering with CHMB, having access to their revenue cycle management experts and CHMB’s CURVE analytics to provide our organization with exceptional results.”


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