Hospitals Focusing on Overhauling Board Education

///Hospitals Focusing on Overhauling Board Education

Hospitals Focusing on Overhauling Board Education

As hospitals around the nation are shifting from fee-for-service to value based care, hospitals are also looking to revitalize their hospital board. As the industry is getting on board with major changes and improvements, such as the focus on population health and alternative payment models, the hospital board needs to provide better insight and advice as their managerial responsibility to the hospital.

Traditionally, hospital board members do not necessarily have a medical background and are responsible for profit margins and driving business. But as the healthcare industry’s climate is changing, hospital board members are being called to provide more guidance, such as organizational strategy and decisions. 

According to a senior research partner at the Advisory Board, traditional methods of recruiting board members meant that members would nominate those within their own circle. With the current industry demanding more experienced insight, hospital boards are now seeking to diversify their members, looking at core competencies and diversity and extending their reach to those with expertise in workforce management, technology deployments, retail and hospitality or risk management and actuarial experience.

The responsibilities of hospital boards are expanding, with a keener focus on quality of care and inpatient safety. The ideal board member not only has a background and expertise in business, technology and workforce expertise, but also a background in healthcare, which can better serve the hospital  in the long run.


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