Health Insurers Face the Unknown in the ACA Market

///Health Insurers Face the Unknown in the ACA Market

Health Insurers Face the Unknown in the ACA Market

Along with the unknown with President Trump’s plan for any replacement for the Affordable Care Act, health insurers will face more of the unknown with the future health insurance environment. 

Health insurance providers are in a bind, as there is a major lack of details for the path of America’s health insurance landscape.  Major health insurance providers Aetna, Anthem and Cigna had all announced their uncertainty with any future participation in the 2018 health insurance exchange. Although some health insurers had faced some prosperity within the health insurance marketplace, they remain unsure about future participation, due to lack of information and guarantees.

Health insurers want to know that there will be actions in place to ensure that the health insurance marketplace will keep adrift. As the new Trump administration aims to replace the current ACA, health insurers need to know that their organizations and the people they insure will stay afloat. Major participants in the exchanges need certainty on pricing, rules of engagement and products in order to decide on their commitments to the health insurance marketplace.

What it comes down to is profitability and stability within the marketplace. With an unknown replacement plan and no details on what the Trump administration plans to do for the healthcare insurance environment, health insurers are stuck and are faced with major decisions in the near future.

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