Digital Tools for Physicians

///Digital Tools for Physicians

Digital Tools for Physicians

Are you integrating digital tools into your practice? Do you think using an ipad during a patient visit would be of benefit? Or do you think it would be too distracting to your patients? Using digital tools in the physician practice and/or hospital is a hot industry trend.

The use of tablets by physicians for work purposes has almost doubled since 2011 and reached 62% at the end of last year, with the ipad as the dominant device.

So what are the top devices that are currently being used the most by physicians in the workplace?

  • iPad Mini: The smaller size of the iPad mini is the device’s main attraction; lab coat pockets are 8.5 in. long and 7.5 in. wide, the iPad mini IS 7.87 in. long and 5.3 in. wide.
  • iPad 2: The iPad 2 and later models include cameras, which can be used by medical staffers in patient care—photographing wounds in order to keep a visual record during treatment, for example.

In the recent Epocrates survey, Dr. Mark Vadney, an anesthesiologist at Jefferson Anesthesia Services in Watertown, N.Y., stated that he has owned an iPad from “the very first day they came out.” He is currently waiting to get a new iPad Mini when they’re in stock in his area.

“My current iPad is full of medical apps for ultrasound regional anesthesia, anesthesiology textbooks, and medical calculators,” Vadney said. “The new iPad Mini is exciting because it will take a bit of the heft away of the current iPad without changing any of the functionality I need.”

Vadney said the iPad’s resolution is “terrific” for ultrasound image evaluation. As a non-radiologist, he said the resolution is good enough for his needs.

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