Concerns Arise As MACRA Emerges

Concerns Arise As MACRA Emerges

MACRA Seens as Costly and Complex, Causes Doubt by Physicians

As the final rule for MACRA is expected to emerge next month, physicians are concerned that the new payment rules will cause issues for them. According to findings from interviews with MedPage Today, physicians expressed their concerns that the new payment rule is limited and too complicated. Physicians added that the complexity of the rules hinders the ultimate goal of increasing the value of care over the volume of car.

One concern over the new payment rules is that there are not enough options to accommodate different organizations. Some payment options are too inflexible and some organizations can be locked out of some advanced alternative payment models (APMs). 

Those who may lose out on the upcoming payment rules are smaller practices that participate in the MIPS track. The payment model does not accommodate small practices and they are at a competitive disadvantage.

The CMS had announced a payment format to allow providers to pick when they participate in the program, as timing was a major issue when the new payment models were announced.

Although this assists providers with the timing issue, this may affect the size of the bonuses, since most providers may participate early in order to avoid penalties.

Another issue that providers are faced with is the issues with primary care providers vs. specialty providers. Providers are concerned because all will be held to certain metrics, despite having sub specialties.

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