CMS Star Rating Model to be Reconsidered

///CMS Star Rating Model to be Reconsidered

CMS Star Rating Model to be Reconsidered

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is considering eliminating their current star rating model for a model that takes the average of scores, rather than their current model based on a latent variable model (LVM). The decision would not be quick, but would be enacted in 2020.

The CMS’ new stance on their star rating model removal is a major turn from their previous viewpoint on the model in July 2018, when they strongly defended the model after much criticism from various hospital associations. The major concerns these hospital groups had was the big changes in star ratings from December 2017 to June 18.

The CMS is also openly asking the healthcare community for feedback for any other changes to the LVM star rating model, which will end on March 29, 2019.

The latent variable model for the star ratings was developed from the Yale New Haven Health Servcies and is grounded in a statistical methodology that does not weigh measures equally; some measures are given more significance over other measures, giving the measures that have more weight more power in a hospitals star rating.

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