CHMB Releases Curve Analytics

//CHMB Releases Curve Analytics

CHMB Releases Curve Analytics

San Diego, Calif., April 23, 2014 – CHMB announced the general release of Curve Analytics, the company’s first proprietary software platform. Curve provides valuable insight into an organization’s data across its enterprise with a simple touch. Curve captures data elements to produce custom reports specific to operational and analytical needs. It enables organizations to manage staff workflow, productivity and quality. Clinical and business leaders will have impactful decision-support information readily accessible in Curve to best prepare for and participate in ACO and evolving business and clinical models.


Available in a subscription model, Curve pulls from historical data elements collected from numerous healthcare systems and from third party sources across the industry to maximize productivity and profitability which allows organizations to meet its diverse and complex business intelligence needs. Curve provides healthcare executives, CBO and clinical staff the ability to easily generate critical administrative, operational and financial information from a broad overview down to the provider, location, payer or CPT level. Organizations will have the ability to effectively manage their business through daily and annual metrics. Another valuable feature, Curve allows the freedom to create analytic data with attributes and time frames specific to each organization and department. 


According to CHMB Chief Executive, Bob Svendsen, “By providing clinicians and executives

access to real time data available with this robust analytical software, Curve is supporting organizational visibility on selected topics and issues impacting their operations. Stakeholders at all levels will no longer be held captive by IS resource availability for access to critical decision support information.”


Curve Analtyics provides data hungry administrators and executives with critical reports based on organizational roles, and reports can automatically route information on a regular and reliable schedule. “The Client Dashboard is just one of the many useful and impactful reports which can be routed to specific folks on a daily, weekly, monthly basis”, stated James Trewin, CHMB Vice President Information Systems. “As the chief architect of Curve, it was important to incorporate the best practices, tools and resources deployed in our outsourced RCM services offering nationally. Curve’s subscription based model will save organization’s time and expense while providing exactly the analytical and management reporting tool needed in their environment.”



About CHMB Inc.

CHMB works with providers and health systems nationally to successfully manage the revenue cycle and to optimize payment for services provided. Today, more than 4,000 physicians encompassing 45 different medical specialties rely on CHMB for their experience in delivering proven solutions to improve practice profitability and optimize healthcare technology investments.    

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