Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

//Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

8 Things to Look for in Your RCM Partner

Choosing the right RCM partner can be a tough decision. The right RCM partner is crucial for maintaining growth and for navigating through all of the changes happening in the healthcare landscape, such as the transition to alternative payment models.Many are choosing to outsource their revenue cycle management services for improving performance. According to a [...]

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4 Billing Issues Hurting Your Revenue Cycle

Healthcare revenue cycle management is a complex network of processes with many different departments and stakeholders involved. Having an efficient and healthy medical billing process not only makes it easier on everyone involved, but it will get you paid!Navigating through the challenges of medical billing may seem complicated, but it is crucial for a practice [...]

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Tips from 7 Healthcare Leaders to Improve RCM Performance

In the current healthcare industry landscape, it is imperative to continually improve processes to improve revenue cycle performance. As there is a shift in costs to patients due to more out-of-pocket costs, practices need to align their processes to focus on the patient.Becker's Healthcare spoke with seven healthcare leaders to gather advice on how to [...]

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How to Protect Your Valuable Revenue Stream

Protecting your healthcare revenue stream is important to ensure that your practice stays profitable and above water. With factors in the healthcare industry today such as an increased patient deductible amount, increased patient copay rates, and rising patient out-of-pocket expenses, it is crucial for healthcare providers to take the initiative to alleviate these issues that [...]

6 Tips to Enhance Your Revenue Cycle

Keeping strong revenue cycle management practices is key for staying on top of the evolving healthcare environment. Incorporating technology into the mix is beneficial to providing more efficiency and effective communication between patients, doctors and payers.Optimizing your practice with these 6 revenue cycle management tips will keep your revenue cycle primed for steady reimbursement and [...]

Top 4 RCM and Claims Reimbursement Strategies

The claims reimbursement process can have a strong impact on the health of the revenue cycle and an efficient billing office with an organized process for processing claims can help keep the revenue cycle strong. RevCycle Intelligence has put together top strategies for revenue cycle management and claim reimbursement:Increase Up-Front Cash CollectionAccording to a study from [...]

Outsourcing RCM Services a Cost Saving Move for Health Systems

Outsourcing revenue cycle management services may seem daunting at first, but with the right precautionary planning, outsourcing is a viable, practical and cost-effective solution for continued growth and increased revenue. With careful strategic planning and critical thinking of the outcomes desired for the organization, executives can navigate the implementation of RCM services outsourcing with confidence and [...]

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Too Much on Your Plate?

If you're responsible for managing the revenue cycle, consider what's keeping you up at night. Growing Accounts Receivable Lack of financial visibility Timely filing limits A new healthcare mandate every day Difficulty juggling competing priorities Payers changing their requirements nightly Missed billing errors Compliance audits Lack of follow up on denials Decrease in patient satisfaction Decline in quality [...]

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