CMS Achieved $739 Million in Savings from Medicare ACOs

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have reported savings from their Medicare Shared Savings Program. According to new agency data, the CMS has retained a savings amount totaling $739.4 million in 2018. Compared to 2017, the CMS only saved a total of $314 million from the Medicare Shared Savings Program. Although more ACOs had [...]

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Hospitals Focusing on Overhauling Board Education

As hospitals around the nation are shifting from fee-for-service to value based care, hospitals are also looking to revitalize their hospital board. As the industry is getting on board with major changes and improvements, such as the focus on population health and alternative payment models, the hospital board needs to provide better insight and advice [...]

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CMS Administrator Pushes Hospitals to Comply with Payment Policies

At an American Hospital Association meeting on Tuesday, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services Administrator, Seema Verma, urged hospitals to comply with the payment policies being driven by the Trump administration. According to the CMS Administrator, the current industry's climate could see more challenging times, as the government is getting more involved in the healthcare [...]

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ACA Exchanges Down 1.2 Million of Enrollment

In a report released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the enrollment in the health insurance exchanges under the Affordable Care Act has been down by 1.2 million of unsubsidized enrollment in 2018. Factors that can account for the massive drop in enrollees can be attributed to the increased price for premiums, which [...]

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Finalized Rule Can Jeopardize Legal Immigrants Residency for Using Medicaid

The Trump Administration finalized a rule on Monday that allows for legal immigrants to have their legal status threatened if these individuals utilize certain government benefits, such as Medicaid. The rule was published by the Federal Register by the Department of Homeland Security and will give authority to federal immigration officials to scrutinize the use [...]

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Majority of Short-Term Health Plans are Low Loss Ratios

In a study published by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners' 2018 Accident and Health Policy Experience, health insurance companies spend less on the dollar for their short-term health plans. These short-term health plans were recently given more access to by the Trump Administration last year. Compared to more extensive health plans offered on the [...]

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Hospitals, Insurers Dispute Price Transparency Proposed Rule

Earlier this week, the Trump Administration had announced a proposed rule that will require hospitals to publicly post their prices for services on their websites. These prices are highly regarded by hospitals as secretive, as these are rates that are privately negotiated with healthcare insurance companies. Hospitals and insurers are speaking out against this rule, [...]

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Short Term Health Plans Approved by Federal Judge

U.S. District Judge Richard Leon in Washington D.C. has ruled that short-term, limited-duration health insurance plan expansions are approved to move forward. In a court ruling, the Association for Community Affiliated Plans had attempted top strike down the Trump Administration's motion to expand the short-term plans, but had lost in the ruling. The Association for [...]

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Executive Order Issued on Healthcare Price Transparency

On Monday, June 24th, 2019, the Trump Administration will enact an executive order on the transparency of healthcare pricing. Within the order, healthcare providers and insurers will be required to disclose information about their negotiated rates and discounts. Through the Outpatient Prospective Payment System (OPPS) rule, federal agencies will be required start the regulatory process [...]

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