Oregon Healthcare Giant Takes an EPIC Step to Revenue Recovery

Bend Memorial Clinic Partners with CHMB to Launch a Revenue Recovery and CBO Leadership ProgramSan Diego, Calif., May 26, 2015 – CHMB, a leading provider of revenue cycle management services, announced today that Bend Memorial Clinic (BMC), the dominant multi-specialty group in Central Oregon, has signed a definitive agreement with CHMB to deploy a shared [...]

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Ten Commanding Companies to Watch in 2014

Excellence and innovation still thrive in American and global commerce, exemplified in many entrepreneurial companies that are solving critical problems, offering extraordinary customer service, products and services and helping right our wayward global economic ship. Read why CHMB is in the TOP TEN.

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How Bilingual Brains Think Outside the Boxe(s)

Doctors don't always keep track of their patients closely enough for comfort. In the age of Facebook and Google, private clinics and medical practices throughout the U.S. still rely on paper filing systems and handwritten prescriptions, while others trust decades-old computer systems whose compatibility with other clinics' software is iffy at best. Meanwhile, patients suffer through duplicate tests, inaccurate prescription dosages and poorly organized follow-up visits.

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EHR Integration Transforming Health Care Tech

The integration of EHR (electronic health records) is helping to transform technology in the health care industry. A recent article from InformationWeek highlights a report from the West Health Institute that shows EHRs are changing the health sector. On March 22, Ken Terry points out EHRs “could save more than $30 billion a year.” Electronic health records have the potential to become a technological fingerprint for patients.

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The Workings of CHMB

It goes without saying that most Americans think healthcare is overpriced. As such, many are predisposed to look down at the company I am about to present: CHMB. CHMB provides “Technology and Business Services for Healthcare”. The goal is to “to optimize healthcare performance and profitability”. It does this in two ways: 1) by “appli[ng] its experience to manage the full scope of technology issues facing clients” and 2) by “reporting and [applying its’] analytic capabilities [to] deliver both clinical and business intelligence.”

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CHMB Focuses on Health Care Technology Advances

An article from Modern Healthcare magazine highlights the growing impact of technology on the industry. Merrill Goozner notes that health care is "on the cusp of a technological revolution" that will transform modern medicine, and companies are responding to these growing changes. In a recent press release, CHMB announced that it has created two new divisions to handle technology advancements. It is part of the growing trend in the industry.

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CHMB Stays One Step Ahead Of Healthcare Management Trends

After United States President Barack Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was passed, administration healthcare professionals started to turn their heads in disbelief because of the massive amount of regulations, paperwork and additional costs. Not only do healthcare clerks have to deal with insurance companies, they will also have to perform quite a bit of document completion with new federal law requirements. Three committees in the House of Representatives have estimated that the total number of hours that Obamacare’s regulations will cost Americans is more than 127 hours each year due to the extra papers. According to the new Obamacare Burden Tracker imposed by the Ways and Means Committee, 157 different rules and regulations will create the 127 million additional hours.

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More paperwork, regulations in 2014 for U.S. healthcare industry

Escondido - It’s a pretty common scenario for a doctor, secretary or a healthcare administrative professional: stacks of paperwork, endless forms to fill out and perhaps even antiquated health technology systems. Are there any remedies? Whether it’s in the United States, Canada, Great Britain or any other developed nation, the healthcare industry involves a lot of administration. Over the course of the next few years, administrative clerks working in healthcare will have to deal with even more paperwork, regulations and costs as President Barack Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act arrives next year.

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