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Erlanger Health System Selects CHMB’s LYNK Revenue Cycle Management Services for Professional Billing Operations

San Diego, Calif., January 12, 2017 – CHMB, a provider of revenue cycle management services, announces Tennessee-based Erlanger Health System has selected CHMB’s LYNK Revenue Cycle Management Services to accompany the health system’s new electronic medical record (EMR) system. CHMB offers advanced technology and business services to optimize healthcare performance and profitability, delivering IT and revenue [...]

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Resolution to Repeal ACA Passes Senate

A recent budget resolution bill that outlined the plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed through the Senate with a close win at 51-48 votes. Democrats have been against the repeal of the ACA, with critics saying that the impose plan will lead to higher costs via deductibles and co-pays and would [...]

ACA Replacement Plan Unveiled

After much anticipation, a replacement plan for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was announced by the House Republicans. The replacement plan, announced as The American Health Care Reform Act of 2017, aims to transform the health insurance environment, making it fair to those how receive insurance from their employers and those how purchase health plans [...]

Repealing ACA With No Substitute Could Cost $166B

The American Hospital Association (AHA) and the Federation of American Hospitals (FAH) published a press release to President-elect Trump and Republican Congressional leaders regarding the effects of repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with no immediate plan in place.In the press release, the two groups stated that the repealing of the ACA with no substitute [...]

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CMS Says Healthcare Spending Growing Faster than Economic Growth

According to results from a study that the CMS released last Friday, healthcare spending has surpassed the overall spending on health by a total of 5.8% in 2015. The spending on healthcare had increased by 5% in 2015. Although the overall health spending rate and the healthcare spending rate continues to grow, they are still below [...]

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How to Achieve Success Through MACRA

Be Prepared for MACRA's Quality Payment Program Through Proactive Measures“Keep Calm, It’s Only MACRA.” - Amy Nguyen Howell, MD, MBA, FAAFP, CAPG’s Chief Medical OfficerIn preparation for MIPS in the upcoming transition 2017 transition year, CAPG healthcare expert Amy Nguyen Howell outlined four key ways in which eligible clinicians can achieve ongoing success under MIPS and move [...]

Quality Star Ratings Too Confusing

CMS's Hospital Star Ratings Appear to be Misleading: Do Those Rated Represent the Best in the Nation?The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) developed a system in July for rating hospitals on quality, rating systems across the United States on a scale of one to five stars, with five stars being the highest rating [...]

8 Things to Look for in Your RCM Partner

Choosing the right RCM partner can be a tough decision. The right RCM partner is crucial for maintaining growth and for navigating through all of the changes happening in the healthcare landscape, such as the transition to alternative payment models.Many are choosing to outsource their revenue cycle management services for improving performance. According to a [...]

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Concerns Arise As MACRA Emerges

MACRA Seens as Costly and Complex, Causes Doubt by PhysiciansAs the final rule for MACRA is expected to emerge next month, physicians are concerned that the new payment rules will cause issues for them. According to findings from interviews with MedPage Today, physicians expressed their concerns that the new payment rule is limited and too complicated. Physicians [...]

CHMB’s CEO Elected to HBMA’s Board of Directors

Bob Svendsen Joins HBMA’s Board – Leadership for Revenue Cycle ManagementSan Diego, Calif., October 13, 2016 – CHMB announced today that Bob Svendsen, CEO, has been elected to the Healthcare Billing & Management Association (HBMA)Board of Directors. Svendsen brings over 30 years of financial and strategic leadership to HBMA’s Board of Directors and has actively [...]

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