2018 ACA Enrollment Falls Short of 2017 Enrollment

///2018 ACA Enrollment Falls Short of 2017 Enrollment

2018 ACA Enrollment Falls Short of 2017 Enrollment

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on Tuesday, the total enrollment number for health insurance coverage through the Affordable Care Act exchanges is 11.8 million people. These enrollees comprise of Americans who signed up via federal or state based exchanges or those who automatically enrolled for coverage. Of this count, 27% of the enrollees were new customers.

The final total for 2018 sign ups falls short of last years enrollee count, with 2017 enrollment totaling 12.2 million Americans, a 3.3% difference between this year and last years final numbers. For a breakdown on the final count, 8.7 million people had signed up via Healthcare.gov while 3.1 million people signed up for coverage via state-based exchanges.

Due to uncertainty with the Trump Administration and their efforts to repeal and replace the ACA, some health insurance providers have pulled out of the exchanges, causing Americans to face higher insurance premiums and not that many coverage options to choose from. The Trump Administration initially did not make it clear where they would make cost-sharing reduction payments, which drove some insurers to increase premiums. The Trump Administration ended up stopping all CSR payments in Q4 of 2017.

Despite this change and also predictions from experts of a declining enrollment rate, the CMS Administrator calls this year’s open enrollment “the most cost-effective and successful open enrollment to date.”

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